WATCH: Muslim man returns wallet to stranger because Islam teaches him to do so

The man returns the wallet with £220 saying he did so because he is a good Muslim, and Islam teaches its followers not to keep other people’s money because it is forbidden.

As the world seemingly turns more and more Islamophobic and there is a rise in the instances of hate crimes against Muslims, here is one video that will put a smile on your face and help rebuild your faith in humanity. This video of a Muslim fast-food delivery guy returning a stranger’s wallet in London has gone viral.

Peshraw Ahmed, a delivery driver with Bare Grillz Fast Food in the English capital, found a wallet on the road, and checked its contents to identify the owner. He then drove down to the address given on the owner’s driving licence, so that he could return the wallet to the person, who has been identified as Gavin.

Ahmed films the conversation that follows with Gavin, who is extremely relieved to have his wallet – money and cards intact – returned to him because it holds his entire life’s savings of £220. Ahmed says how as a Muslim, stealing money is forbidden, and that Gavin is lucky that his wallet was found by a Muslim. “This is what religion teaches me,” he explained.

An overwhelmed Gavin calls Ahmed a good man, and even offers free guitar lessons (since he’s a guitar teacher), adding “There’s nobody else like you in the world…You’ve just saved my life. You don’t know how much we needed that money.”

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